Learn the Best Way to Convert Leads in Sales!

One of the biggest problems for Online Business builders and Shop Owners is getting Sales. It is not that it is difficult generating Traffic and customers to your Website, but it is another thing getting these Leads to buy anything.

Most people are trying to Pitch and Sell their Product and Business hoping someone will see their advert and buy. This is the number one thing that 95% of people are doing wrong. People don’t go on the Internet most times to buy something. they go there to Solve a problem they have and want to learn what they can do.

So do you think that if you Talk about Pain Points and there solutions you may just get more attention and interest in what you are doing.
For all Online Business people there are 5 Main Pain points.
1. People hate harassing their friends and family.
2. People hate rejection.
3. People struggle with getting leads for their business.
4. People have so many problems converting these leads into sales.
5. People have problems getting their team to copy and duplicate their success.

What would happen if you branded your Business around one of these points and specialized in offering solutions? What would happen if you became a guru in one of these areas? Would not people start following you and be interested in learning more and even buy the product solutions you are offering to solve their pain? Of course they would. The Solution sells the Product for you.

These 5 Things stop people buying in most cases.


  1. People don’t Know, Like or Trust You.
  2. People can’t see Your Product or Business will solve their Problem.
  3. People are afraid of Failure. They have tried many things and nothing has worked.
  4. People have no Plan of Action and don’t know what to do to Succeed.
  5. People don’t Believe things will work for them or Feel Worthy of Having more Money

Most people with an online business are making no money because they are pushing their business onto people all over the place in what we call spamming. They haven’t found the right people for their product or service, they haven’t built a relationship with them, they haven’t found out if they have a problem or not and they haven’t asked them to check out their solution. They just hope and pray that some one will see their advert and take action. This will work a little if you do huge numbers and pay a fortune in advertising.

So what is the Answer?
1. You can either master Marketing and Persuasion yourself and send people to your Product direct or
2. Let the Tools do the work for you and use a high converting sales funnel.

 Build a Sales Funnel using these Building Blocks and watch the Magic happen!

A Sales Funnel is a series of webpages that take your new contact on a journey to explain the pain point they are dealing with and what is the best way to solve it. It provides leverage. There are only so many hours in a day but the Sales funnel can talk to many people at the same time over and over again.

These are the 5 Building Blocks required for a good Sales Funnel
1. A Capture page to collect a leads email address for later Relationship building.
2. A Free eBook or Offer used as an incentive for people to fill in your optin Capture page details.
3.  An Email Autoresponder to send the eBook and do Followup emails automatically.
4. A low priced extremely high value solution Offer $1 – $49 that converts lead into a starter buyer.
5. A high Ticket High Value product that products Lifestyle money for you and makes all your profits.


In summary once you build your sales funnel and then drive traffic through it , you cannot help but make money. The Funnel does all the work for you if it offers high value for the Investment and it solves their Problem.

If you want a Copy of my Funnel or to learn how to build a sales funnel in more details  CLICK HERE.
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