Sales Conversion Strategy

Want Better Sales Conversion with Your Business?

 Poor Sales Conversions ?

Are You Struggling with Trying to Convert Leads into Sales?
Are you experiencing any of these Symptoms in Your Business right now?

1. No Sales coming from Your Traffic.
2. No engagement coming from your Messages and Posts.
3. Pitching, Selling and Posting Ads all around the place is not Working.
4. No one is opening your Emails.
5. People don’t know what to do or where to go for Solutions.


So many People Struggle in their Business at the Point of getting their Leads and Traffic to buy their Product.
It is one thing to generate Traffic but completely another thing getting them to buy from you.
These 5 Things stop people buying in most cases.
1. People don’t Know, Like or Trust You.
2. People can’t see Your Product or Business will solve their Problem.
3. People are afraid of Failure. They have tried many things and nothing has worked.
4. People have no Plan of Action and don’t know what to do to Succeed.
5. People don’t Believe things will work for them or Feel Worthy of Having more Money

What my Millionaire Coach taught me was that people struggle taking action. They also are looking for someone to show them what to do that works. No one has explained the simple philosophy behind the Sales process and how to get people to buy from you.

Here is the simple conversion strategy you can use to get Results in your Business.
1. Tools Work, People don’t. Let the Sales Funnel do the work for you.
2. Give away a FREE eBook and Product to get people to Join your Team.
3. Offer a high Value upsell Product for around $1 to $7 to convert them into buyers.
4. Through followup emails and Product purchase people trust you and buy more.
5. Place people in a membership site where they can get Training, Information and Tools for FREE without any Sales Pressure to buy anything more.
6. Because people get so much value they wander around the Membership site and see your Advertising Banners for High Ticket Lifestyle Money Products.
7. So many people will click on your High Ticket Cash Flow products and your Business now makes a Profit and funds your Advertising Budget.
8. Offer this same high converting funnel to your new members to make more commission and help them build their Business.

This is what we call Leverage. This is how your business can run on auto-pilot while you Retire and Travel the world.

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My Name is Colin Stasinowsky I have been online for over 4 Years now making all the classical mistakes. I come from an IT background. I Build Sales Funnels and Websites. I am your classic Techie but with a Personality. lol If you would like a Mentor to help you with better Strategies to convert your Leads into Sales, then contact me for the right answers. I have figured out simple step by step Recipes that People can follow and get Amazing Results.

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