Your Special Sauce

What is Your Special Sauce?


What is it that you are good at and helps Solve the Pain of the Market place?
What can you do to help people understand and find solutions to a common problem people have with building an Online Business.

So many people are Pitching and Selling their Product and Business and they wonder why it is not working. People don’t want your Product or Business. It is like when people go into a Hardware store, they don’t want a Drill bit. What they want is a Hole. People go to a Hardware store to get a solution to their problem. They need a hole to put something in which allows them to solve a problem of hanging something up or fastening things together, etc.

What Pain Points are you Experiencing?

So too with your business. People want solutions to their problems. One of the main ones is Converting their Leads and Traffic into Sales. It is very easy to get tons of Leads to optin to your Capture page and Email list. Who knows what to do next or how to get them to Buy. ( To find out what the other Four Pain Points are that you need to help people with, private message me on Facebook and send me a Friend request – Colin Stasinowsky )

One of the best Solutions I know is to use High Converting Sales Funnels to do the work for you. What is a Sales Funnel? A Sales Funnel is a series of steps ( Web Pages ) you take people on to making a decision to buy from your Shop. Good sales funnels create emotion and feelings for people and generate action.

How are Sales funnels structured? Typically the best ones that convert involve a Capture page to collect email addresses and give away a FREE eBook or low cost, high value Product. Next people are taken to a Solution Sales Page or upgraded with more amazing value products for a $1 to $49 investment and Join your Membership site or Shop. You now have a their main email address and a buyer.

Once people Optin they either are sent High Ticket offers from the Email Auto-Responder or better still are left to wander around a Membership site getting Free Training, Tools and are shown BannersĀ  which advertise Product Solutions. Here is a great Membership Sales Funnel I use all the time as a Starter Funnel because it Converts extremely High and gives People a Free Lead Generation Strategy.

When you put a high converting Sales funnel on the front end of your Main Product and Business you don’t have to Pitch or Sell ever again. Simply talk to people about their Pain and Advertise a PainĀ  Solution and you will attract Leads and get Sales galore.

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My Name is Colin Stasinowsky I have been online for over 4 Years now making all the classical mistakes. I come from an IT background. I Build Sales Funnels and Websites. I am your classic Techie but with a Personality. lol If you would like a Mentor to help you with better Strategies to convert your Leads into Sales, then contact me for the right answers. I have figured out simple step by step Recipes that People can follow and get Amazing Results.

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